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Training Tables: from Fitness to Ironman 70.3 in Pescara - 3rd part

We publish the third part of the training program that is following the boys of the Neophyte Project of his friend Ignazio Antonacci.

After 4 months of preparation, where the main purpose was to improve general muscular strength, general aerobic strength, aerobic power, technique in the various disciplines, 2 to 2.5 minutes from the event you need to train to acquire those adaptations Specific Triathlon and Race IronMan 70.3.

After a period of prevalence of "quantity" of work for all three disciplines, swimming, biking and racing, although the weather was not the most favorable for everyone, especially for bike exits, you now have to train a lot On the quality and specificity of the race. For this reason, in this period, you will start putting on some combined sessions to improve in the exchange, especially when it comes to neuromuscular adaptations between cycling and racing. As every preparation and discipline wants, every training stimulus leads to a biochemical, mechanical, physiological, technical change with subsequent adaptation and consequent improvement in performance, a condition desirable for everyone. So, the more common the combined workouts, the better the results you will have, and the less waste of time in the transition period between one gear and the other, achieving a better result, and especially less experiencing the discomfort.


During this specific preparation period, you decide how best to handle the race, you will try to develop workouts that are very close to the race condition, so considering each of the three disciplines individually we can say that:

NUOTO 1900mt
As for swimming, you will try to try and test yourself on distance, managed aerobically and steadily. First, however, we will try to improve the technique of swimming based on its weaknesses, therefore arm, sliding, gambata, respiration, coordination of movement and physical and mental relaxation. An aspect that will certainly not be overlooked, a relaxed approach to water will only make more energy and oxygen to the body better managing each swim stage. So, a few minutes to devote to breathing and relaxation exercises, they can be definitely helpful in improving fatigue management during training sessions and races. Interval training sessions should be provided to improve aerobic power, as well as aerobic strength work to swim fluently and continuously for a while, and approach the race distance. Unlike these first months of preparation, we will try, especially from April onwards, to swim in the sea using the race suit, to get used to the state of the sea.

CYCLING 90km hills
As far as the Cycling section is concerned, the Pescara route has significant changes in slopes, most of the route is hilly, which is why it becomes the crux of the race. During this time, it is necessary to improve the fraction of cycling, also because in the winter time the weather has definitely helped to train at best, and you need to recover the lost time. Long-term hardened workouts are important, both to improve specific strength and to improve muscle strength. It is during this period that you have to go over 90km in training, so as not to suffer in the race, many of these kms as mentioned are essential to have trails on ups and downs of different slope and distance to create specific adaptations. It is obvious that everything depends on their physical condition and specificity, if one comes from cycling there will definitely be no problems in the 90km, but will invest more time in the other disciplines.

CORSA 21,097km
As for the race, as we have mentioned for the bike, we need to evaluate whether our main activity is the podium or not, and whether in the last few months we have participated in the Mezze Maratone or Marathon competitions. In this second case, if we have to run some Marathon in the spring, then we will do nothing but continue the specific preparation, and after reaching the goal focus on reduced distance, improving base speed. It is preferable not to enter a Marathon in May, but to run it by April, in order to gain valuable energy, and especially focus on other disciplines, swimming and cycling, which will surely be sacrificed in the Marathon's specific preparation.


As mentioned, they become fundamental during this period of preparation, they can expect one every two weeks, so at alternate weeks, and whenever you try to insert more km in general and even more changes to create more adaptations. The biggest difficulty encountered in these types of training is to organize with the changes and therefore with the transition zone, for this reason they can also be replaced by Duathlon races on different distances (racing, bike, racing). In addition to the most widely used combination between cycling and racing, you can organize a complete combination by simulating the race, then swimming, cycling, racing, in this case it is obvious that it is desirable to swim to the sea using the race suit and all the material Equipment that we could use in the race. Again, we could arrange sprint and olympic racing / test races to approach the important event of June 10 in the best possible conditions.


In this specific period, it's not only important to train in a specific way, but all that we do is to be considered as if we are competing primarily in specific workouts. So an important role is given by integration and nutrition before and during training, all we think about trying in the race, we must also try it out in workout:

• Foods that we ingest before training, it is essential that we test the pre-workout power, which will then be the same as before the race, therefore high digestibility foods and provide the necessary energy to train and compete at the best. Fundamental nutrition is not just that of the upcoming training hours (race), but also that of previous days that will allow us to increase muscle and hepatic glycogen stores.
• The training schedule is desirable that we try to train at lunchtime, considering that the race will start at 12 noon, so it is advisable to eat at least 2/3 hours before training to allow digestion and filling of the energy tank available.
• What products and how to integrate, as well as for nutrition for the integration products it is crucial to understand which products to use, you can definitely divide the integration to be provided during the fraction of cycling (barrels, salimierals, and maltodextrin), and in the fraction Of travel (energy gels). Additionally, it is important to understand when to integrate, it is surely desirable for a 90km cycling race to hypothesize 4/5 integrations every 15/20 km, bearing in mind that liquids need to be more present in bike integration. While energy can be useful for running every 5km, everything depends on your habits and needs.

THE PROGRAM from March 26 to May 20

The program I will show below is for another 8 weeks, from March 26 to May 20, so it is quite clear how this period is really essential to prepare IronMan 70.3 Italy on June 10th. Every workout becomes important, so you need to be better organized so as not to miss a few specific sessions, remembering that lost time and jumping workouts during this time are hardly recovering.

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Good fun!

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