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Trauma to the tendne of Achilles and shoulder

Achilles tendon and related trauma
The Achilles tendon is thicker curtains around the body.Is protected by serum and bags by a fibrous sheath which guarantees scrolling. Connects the calf muscles to the heel bone (1). Therefore is essential during propulsion.

The Achilles Tendonitis
The causes of this disease are manifold: repeated friction and impacts; excessive load, a wrong movement or inadequate hydration; unsuitable shoes or postural disorders of the foot (flat feet or cables); insufficient heating or stretching; change in the area of training, etc.
This involves tendinopathy acute pain, which may not be alerted to hot tendon. However, neglecting the problem the athlete won't be able to compete or train. Sport suspension, ice application, physiotherapy and chiropody treatments become a priority when a tendinopathy.

Shoulder shape
The shoulder consists of bones, muscles, superficial and deep. If you have a muscle imbalance and superficial muscles are stronger than the deep muscles, the shoulder is exposed to the risk of injury.

Serious injury of the shoulder
Rotator cuff injury
The rotator cuff is subject to considerable stresses and suffers injuries caused by sudden rotation of the shoulder joint. The most common cause of this injury are launching repeated movements such as those of sports like baseball. Symptoms are pain and fatigue in the lift arm.
Erosion syndrome
The main cause is the pressure applied to the tendon of the supraspinatus muscle, located between the humerus and the acromion. Pain is felt in the region between the shoulder and upper arm, the pain intensifies raised arm and is warned to infraspinato muscle tendon. If the injury is caused by abnormal movements due to unequal strength of the muscles that surround the shoulder.

Luxation (dislocation) of the shoulder joint
Occurs when the knee joint is a direct and intense shock downwards and the elbow extended is pulled backwards with firmness. Often occurs in the throw or hit the ball in sports such as baseball or volleyball.

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