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arena article2 main Free-floating and Triathlon Swimming: Which is the most suitable model for you?

When it comes to swimming accessories, nothing is more important than your personal preferences! Remember, there is no right model or a wrong model: the most suitable glasses for you is always the one with which you are better off to swim! But if you need help to guide you in choosing, here are some factors to consider ...

Are you an expert or a beginner?

If you are an expert swimmer and swim often at the head of the group, you will probably find yourself more comfortable with a hard-lined goggle, which guarantees a perfectly clear front view, allowing you to clearly distinguish even the farthest elements. If you are the first weapon or you often swim your elbow with other athletes, then opt for a broader and soft lenses model that will ensure you have a good side view and will offer you greater safety and protection in case of bumps.


What are the weather conditions of the race field?

Climatic conditions are also crucial to the choice of the eyebrows to be used in the race. Remember that all arena range goggles offer maximum protection from UV rays , but if the day is cloudy and the visibility is poorer then better opt for clear or transparent lenses. However, if there is a lot of sunshine, the ideal solution is to wear mirrored lenses, which protect the eyes from direct sunlight. If the sun is low on the horizon or you are particularly annoyed by the reverberation of the light on the water, we recommend that you try the polarized lenses, which neutralize the "reverb effect", allowing you an optimum vision. Do not forget that the color of the lens also affects the visibility : light-colored lenses, ideal for lighter days, allow more light to light than those in dark colors, which are preferable on days or in sunny hours. Our advice is therefore to invest on two pairs of goggles, one with light lenses and one with dark or mirrored lenses, so as not to let you surprise from the sudden changes of time and to face the swim at best.


Comfort and fit: what are your needs?

If you are looking for the utmost comfort and practicality you will need a glasses to wear and adjust in a few seconds: choose a model that includes the self-adjusting nasal bridge that fits every type of face and the split split strap, the rear slit strap, which is easy to wear, guarantees a perfect sealing. If you prefer not to give up your own fit and find the perfect one for you, choose a model with an interchangeable nasal bridge and a dual strap, which lets you attach your spectacle to two different points in the back of the head to the height you prefer, offering you a highly customizable fit.


What is the most recommended material?

We know that open water races put a strain on our accessories, which often get dirty with sand or salt, have to be left on the ground, put off quickly or stay many hours in the bag. It is therefore best to buy a silicone goggle, which, in addition to being a soft, comfortable and highly hypoallergenic material, is the most durable. If you are an experienced swimmer and look for a model that offers unmatched stability and performance in water, we highly recommend that you rely on the high technology of one of the arena models designed with a higher quality TPE, such as Cobra Ultra. This special material, made in Japan, offers the same benefits as liquid silicone in terms of elasticity, softness, hypoallergenicity and ability to maintain shape. In this case, however, do not forget to pay even more attention to their maintenance!


antifog Finally some precious tips for the care of your goggles ...

For your goggles to last as long as possible and above all keep their anti-fog protection intact, here are some good habits to adopt ...

  1. rinse in fresh water after every workout and every race (remember that chlorine and salt water ruin the toothpaste!)
  2. let them naturally dry in the air before storing them
  3. Do not touch the inside of your lenses, neither with your fingers nor with a cloth
  4. Do not use soaps or other cleaning products to clean the lenses
  5. As far as possible, do not hold goggles on your forehead when swimming: sweat and forehead heat can reduce the effect of anti-fog treatment! Better then keep them inverted, so that the inside of the lens is exposed to the air.
  6. Always wear SPRAY ANTIFOG : the anti- dandruff coating of the goggles is an extremely thin and delicate layer and there are several factors that can affect it (sweat, heat, touch of the fingers, salt, chlorine, general conditions in the tub or water ... ). If your goggles start to bloom, just apply the spray before each swim, following the instructions on the pack.
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