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TRIATHLON EMIR 2015: results and standings

And ending 2015 Edition Emir, one of the hardest triathlon in Italy with some confirmations and other revelations.
Challenging tracks, harsh, sportingly to fighters with podiums that are achieved with satisfaction from the registered athletes. A fraction that has a big impact on the entire cycling race, considering that in a typical middle top performing athletes complete the swimming and biking in fraction 2 hours and 30 minutes, instead here Pierluigi Senor (first ever) took 3 hours and 13 minutes.

We begin to tell the distance K55 Km (1nuoto + 47ciclismo +10, 5podismo) in which he immediately began a duel between Iuliano Christian and Paines Bruno among men, while among women met Ingletto Clare and Silvia Vezzini.
Christian, who has pointed out already at Iron Tour Italy, in water is a turbine and distance Bruno, Italian champion in duathlon, every few minutes, reaches first transition area but walking in the village up to Pakitong the heels overcome it and to cross the finish line with 2:40:25. Pakito: "In T2 (transition zone bike/run) I saw that I was in -30 as a Christian and I tried, a great duel". Get a hug between the two at 2:41:45, Julian to enshrine the spirit of triathletes to share joys and emotions.
The 3 ' place Fognini Fausto ex cliclista in his first year of competition in triathlon with Pool Calhoun 1999.
The Ingletto seems to have a particular feeling with Spartacus Events: events stood out for having won all 5 stages of Iron Tour Italy-5 sprint in 5 days on the island of Elba. WINS here in the Vezzini of 3:09:59 Hydro with 5 minutes, 27 seconds and distancing. Clare and Silvia gave their best in the hamlet chassis, in which both are usually very efficient. Clare says: "one of the toughest races in which I participated, an ascent continues. It takes a lot of head to get to the finish line. The Organization Spartacus is quality and always chooses scenic destinations admirable. Have seen fit to run, flat after a fatigue cycling and in context by the lake where it was possible to have an audience and much cheer that is important psychologically for us athletes. "
Last note on K55: cuts like absolute male 5 ' winning a big test the very young (20 years) Marco faithful of CUS TRENTO with 2:47:20.

The K113-medium Km (1, 9nuoto + 86ciclismo + 21podismo), the half ironman, begins regular as scheduled at 8:00 and after a little more than 30 minutes gets out of the water, the great swimmer Lecco Fabrizio Riva Pratogrande which, however, is forced to retire later on fraction bike because of a failure to return.
Before tackling the climb of Magasa are in Turin, at the Summit of Filippo Rossi Aquatica head of people still Rossi and Pierluigi Senor and Lorenzo both Cus Torino Boeris. Who gets the first absolute Prize 5? In order of arrival we:
Pierluigi Senor 5:21:58
Lorenzo 5:30:03 Boeris
Alexander Robustelli (athletics Manara) 5:30:03
Max Gallegos (Liger Team Keyline) 5:32:48
Luigi Restaino (TTS) 5:35:33
Pierluigi tells us that wanted to win, he former cyclist cycling left him with regret. He who always chooses tough and competitive triathlons to prove his worth in the village bike. For him swimming is a black beast, but here at Emir although startled by the difference in altitude bike (2750m) heard that the legs were good and gave so much and so the coveted (and sweaty) win came!
Four women enrolled in this tough half ironman: Luisa Fumagalli (Forhans Team), Paola Tamu (White arrows), Francesca Fracassi (Road Runners) and Abdul Maria (Triathlon). Wins the first ever female Luisa with 6:49:57.
Congratulations to everyone so ... see you next year with Emir 2016!



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