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The revolution shifts gears: Wahoo redefines the future of indoor cycling training with two new products: KICKR MOVE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT. KICKR MOVE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT.

Wahoo Fitness, the leading endurance sports fitness technology company, announced two new additions to its training ecosystem, and with them, an all-new, increasingly realistic indoor running experience.
In September 2022, the market-leading smart trainer, the KICKR V6, went one step ahead of the competition by introducing Wi-Fi, remaining the most popular to this day.
nico to be gifted with it; now, just one year later, Wahoo has taken another big step forward with the launch of KICKR MOVE, which offers a pedaling sensation even closer to reality. This new addition to the Wahoo range has integrated a mechanism that allows an oscillatory movement of 20 cm forwards and backwards compared to the base of the trainer itself: The integrated dual-axis movement creates a sensation very similar to that felt when pedaling outdoors, resulting in an immersive simulation that is more comfortable and more realistic than ever before, offering athletes comfort, motivation and enjoyment to get the most out of indoor racing and training.
The KICKR MOVE rests on wheels that sit inside a fixed, curved track: when the cyclist increases or decreases power output, sits out of the saddle or simply changes his riding position, the roller will move forward and backward along with he.
The track is curved to allow gravity to control the amount of oscillation; small adjustments in the saddle will result in little movement while sprinting upright for a sprint will create much more movement.

The KICKR MOVE also features a lock to deactivate the movement, making it easier to mount the bike or move the trainer or adapt it to the cyclist's preferences. In conjunction with the launch of the KICKR MOVE, Wahoo has created an easy-to-use add-on to make it compatible with existing equipment.
Mounted on the KICKR CLIMB base, the base adapter follows the same arc as the KICKR MOVE, so the two move in unison.
When combined with the KICKR HEADWIND fan, they create world-class realism and an unprecedented indoor riding experience.
As part of this launch, Wahoo also presents a brand new smart bike, with a very competitive price, the KICKR BIKE SHIFT; with the unrivaled pedal feel of KICKR BIKE, it maintains key features such as Reality Shift, True Fit, Real Ride Feel and, of course, Wi-FI.
Wahoo has helped open up the smart bike category to even more people by refining features including the introduction of a new brake and belt drive system to deliver lightning-fast resistance response to changes in incline and power, as well as a quieter ride than ever. KICKR BIKE SHIFT will be part of the offer alongside Wahoo's existing KICKR BIKE.
Chip Hawkins, founder of Wahoo, commented "Wahoo was founded on the principle of building the better athletes in all of us, with innovation at the heart of everything we do, we couldn't be more proud to once again push cycling indoors towards a new reality".
To make the transition from delivery to ride as quick and easy as possible, Wahoo is introducing a brand new unboxing experience, which will be rolled out across its entire range of indoor training products. An easy-to-use sliding mechanism has been incorporated into the KICKR MOVE box, which saves users from having to lift a heavy trainer out of the packaging; the latter is also more sustainable, with a 90% reduction in non-recyclable foam.
A QR code will take cyclists to a quick and easy digital guide, delivered via video. For the KICKR BIKE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT models this is a detailed installation and customization guide with two videos to help adjust the size of the smart bike.
For the KICKR CORE, KICKR and KICKR MOVE models there will be a custom set up experience based on the user's bike specifications, with all the necessary tools, accessories and spacers. KICKR MOVE and KICKR BIKE SHIFT.

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