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These are the impressions of Runlovers for running pants X-BIONIC, one of clothing best-sellers by MOTUS. This short pants X-BIONIC's running PANTS now accompanies by 2.1 kilometers and kilometers many our customers who have purchased. Here is what RunLovers writes about the X-BIONIC RUNNING PANT 2.1

Not only running pants

To RunLovers like experimenting and trials leaders and uses for which it is expressly designed. We use the pants to go riding? No, we push up to this, but read a bit ...

Uncompromising protection

After trying the shirt from running Speed RT 2.2 Shirt we wore the X-Bionic Running Pants RT 2.1. The feeling that damage is very clear:. I'm definitely comfortable, are not obtrusive, yet sustain and protect very well.
All because behind this chapter there is an in-depth study and a series of very sophisticated technologies: profiling the fabric according to the two-step patented 3D BionicSphere ® Front-System (used to capture moisture and allow it to evaporate), 3D Intercooler ™ structure on the thigh that gathers moisture and distributes it evenly to produce evaporation and compression technology X-BIONIC ® Partial Kompressiondesigned to compress the muscle without blocking skin moisture and heat.

A condensate of technology

The feelings that you feel are correndoci can be summed up in one word: spectacular. The trouser fits perfectly to our shapes and ensures high breathability while keeping dry and muscles, it seems strange to say, pampered.

Thanks to legs

The legs, the muscles of the thighs, in particular, thank you for choosing to use this pair of pants. There we were in so well that we decided to try it too ... on spinning bikes! In this case – that is not their stated use-easy to turn out up to 1 hour sessions in which you don't need the "frying pan" protect the buttocks. Very good feeling of support and compression of the quadriceps and also likes the fact that life is quite high and then riding down not too "cutting" the belly.

Racing, spinning bikes ... and then?

The coolest thing was finding out that are also perfect for the water where argue well and give a real dumb effect helping the waterline the legs, claiming not just thighs and pelvis.

An all-weather shorts

We have used them for several races and even during winter a cross: freezing prevented and guarantee to remain free in the movements.
The only downside is that they take a long time to dry out. Of course, to have them put under stress in activities for which they are designed and supported by comparison with specialist leaders we can just say I'm much of a beautiful object. A very good buy for races even at cold temperatures and for triathletes.

Pros and cons

  • Comfort
  • Transpiration
  • Support and high compression protection
  • Technology

  • The price (89€) is not exactly the strength of this product is proportional to the constructive expertise, quality, functionality and complexity of product Assembly
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