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Zone3 Neoprene Buoyancy Kick Pants - Full leg shorts with thickness of 5: 3mm
What makes this product different:
• Made at the request of a number of athletes looking for floatation of the entire leg.
• Designed as an alternative to a traction buoy and to give a more natural feel when swimming
• Enhanced core support to facilitate technical development.
• Band in comfort waist
The Buoyancy Shorts were developed for the first time by Zone3 in 2008 and have been behind over a decade of fantastic customer reviews and have helped many thousands of swimmers improve their body position in water and swimming techniques.
The Kick pants go a step further and offer total buoyancy of the leg. They are made of high quality Yamamoto smooth neoprene and are sewn and glued just like a triathlon suit. They are designed using 3 mm neoprene in the middle and 5 mm neoprene along the sides. The 3mm provides additional buoyancy while the 5 mm side panels complete this effect by promoting hip rotation through each stroke.
Kickpants serve three main purposes:
1. For novice or intermediate level swimmers the main factor that prevents them from swimming faster is the lack of stability of the core and calcium in the legs. Arm strength and technique are good, but because they are not horizontal on top of the water, they create a lot of resistance and "dead weight" which makes swimming much more difficult to run efficiently.
a. With floated shorts, the swimmer can be more used to swimming in the correct horizontal and aerodynamic position, so they start to build a "neural model" of how they should feel in the water. This also allows the swimmer to concentrate on a more effective leg kick and a better forward slide at each stroke, without that feeling of "sinking the leg".
b. With the extra float support, the swimmer can also focus more on the arm stroke technique, without the constant battle to keep the hips and legs in a high position in the water.
c. The results showed that over time the position of a swimmer's body, the speed and the resistance can be significantly increased by training with the floatable shorts
2. Suitable for any level of triathlete who wishes to perfect the technique of swimming in open water while in a pool. Swimming in a suit during a triathlon is very different from swimming without a suit during a swimming competition. Most of your power must come from the upper body, while the legs and the core provide essential control. These kickpants help to develop the technique of swimming in open water while they are in the pool, where wearing a complete suit would be too hot or forbidden by the guardians of life.
3. For use in training or open water races as an alternative to swimming in a full suit (when the water is hot enough!).
This product concept has received hundreds of positive reviews from swimmers who have seen significant improvements in body position, speed and endurance while training with floating shorts. Despite the great feeling that they give to a swimmer in the water, it is better to use these shorts only during some swim series rather than during the whole session. Indicated to be worn over your usual swimsuit.
The sizes available are XS, S, M, L and XL. Each set of shorts has a drawstring so that it can be tightened to any size of the waist, but we recommend the size XS for sizes 26- 28, S for 30-32, M for 32 - 34, L for 34 - 36 and XL 36 -38.
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